The new methods of joint replacement have a significant influence on our patients’ recovery and improvement. Their availability has already begun to show their significance. Many other surgeons will adopt the use of this surgery in future.

In this article, we will talk about different types of joint replacement surgeries that are available for patients with joint pain and injuries.


What is Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint replacement surgery (arthroplasty) is the commonest form of musculoskeletal surgery and aims to restore a functioning joint that has lost function due to damage or degeneration. There are several types of joint replacement surgeries like partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, etc. There are different options for implant material such as metals, plastics, and ceramics. The following are different types of joint replacement surgeries:

1. Hip Joint Surgery

A hip replacement surgery (arthroplasty) involves replacing the natural articulating surfaces of the hip joint with artificial components that restore function and motion to the hip. There are three types of the hip joint: the femoral head, acetabulum, and the acetabular labrum.

During surgery, all three types were replaced with prosthetic counterparts that mimic the real ones. Anterior approach to hip replacement surgeries involves making an incision over the anterior side of the hip joint, where the ball (femoral head) and socket (acetabulum) are located. Here, all three parts are accessed through the front side of the body. With this method, access to the knee is possible only if it is adjacent to the hip joint.

 2. Knee Replacement Surgery

Although it is understood that anatomical changes due to disease or injury in the knee cause decreased mobility, it can still have a major functional impact on daily activities. A Knee replacement surgery replaces the weight-bearing knee surface to help relieve the knee pain and disability. There is a strong demand for further innovation to reduce surgical morbidity and improve quality of life.

3. Joint Replacement Surgery Cost

In India, the average cost of Joint replacement depends on the type of joint replaced in the procedure. For Knee Replacement surgery, the average cost of the surgery ranges between ₹1.5 lakh to ₹2.3 lakh.

List  of Joint Replacement Surgery in India

Type of Surgery

Cost (INR)

Single hip replacement surgery

2-3 Lakh

Bilateral hip replacement surgery

4-6 Lakh

Knee Replacement surgery

1.5-2.3 Lakh

Joint Replacement Surgery Risks

While surgical advances have revolutionized joint replacement surgery, significant health and economic consequences have not been fully evaluated. Similar to different major surgeries, joint replacement also carries several risks such as blood clots or infections.

Patients with heart disease, diabetes, or a weak immune system are most at risk while going through joint replacement surgeries. Moreover, the patients who do not rehabilitate actively might not regain the maximum range of motion. When the patients do not stick to their exercise, rest, and medicines, it gets difficult to get the best results from your knee surgery.

The following are the risks associated with joint replacement surgery:

  • Wound infection

  • Blood clotting

  • Nerve injury

  • Malfunction of the prosthesis

  • Infection around the prosthesis

Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Total Joint Replacement (Arthroplasty) is a procedure for damaged joint is replaced with artificial implants. This surgery is helpful to get relief from joint pains and improve mobility. When patients have advanced arthritis or some severe injury, this surgery is recommended by doctors. The most common types of total joint replacement surgery include shoulder, knee, and hip replacement.

Arthroplasty has traditionally been defined as the replacement of bone and articular cartilage of the joint by metallic prostheses. With advances in biomaterials, designs, and techniques, it is now possible to perform joint replacement surgery without removing any part of the bone or cartilage. This approach allows more preservation of native tissues and also enables one to use mechanical properties that were not available earlier.


Joint replacement surgeries have become a new hope for patients who suffer from joint pain and injuries. The medical advancements in these surgeries are making these surgeries and procedures more effective than ever before. If you are suffering from any kind of joint pain, you should consult with the doctor about the right treatment.

Dr Kundan K Jha

Dr. Kundan K Jha

MBBS - DNB Orthopaedic Surgery -  FIJR,  FIAS

Dr. Kundan Kumar Jha is a Sport Injury Specialist,Sports Medicine Surgeon and Joint Replacement Surgeon in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and has an experience of 7 years in these fields. Dr. Kundan Kumar Jha practices at Regenio Lakki Scope Orthopaedics in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. He completed MBBS from UCMS in 2015 and DNB - Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery from National Board of Examination, India in 2020.