What is Knee Arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is a key hole surgery in which the surgeon insert a camera system inside the knee joint through a 1cm  size  incision  similar to a key hole to visualise the  joint  structures, any joint pathology and perform surgical interventions at the same time.

Arthroscopy System


Arthroscopy System

Who Needs to Undergo Knee Arthroscopy ?

Young Individuals (Sports Injury):

Acl tear, pcl tear , meniscus tear, lcl tear, mcl tear , patella dislocation with mpfl tear , cartilage defect .

Old Individuals (Degenrative Joint Disease/Arthritis ):

Complex meniscus tear, cartilage defect , loose bodies , synovial proliferation/inflammation- seen in arthritis.

Advantages of Knee Arthroscopy Vs Open Surgery

  1. Smaller surgical incision
  2. Minimal or no bleeding
  3. Less surgical time
  4. Less post surgery pain
  5. Less rate of surgical site infection after surgery
  6. Reduced hospital stay
  7. Faster rehabilitation
  8. Faster return to work / sports / activities of daily living
Traditional surgery vs arthroscopy surgery