In the human body, there are many joints where two or more bones meet. These joints often get weak or damaged due to some injury or other factors like age. But fortunately, you do not need to worry much about your joint issues because the new techniques of joint surgery have many improved benefits. In this article, we will discuss improved benefits of new techniques in joint surgery 2022 and their benefits in treating damaged or weak joints.



Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery


Joint replacement is one of the effective techniques to help people get rid of joint pain and treat damaged joints. The following are some benefits of joint replacement surgery:

1. Less Pain

This is one of the best benefits of the new technique in joint surgery where the patient does not have to go through chronic pain. The patients do not feel any significant pain during or after the surgery. It makes the patients relieved, especially the ones who are afraid of surgeries.

2. Reduce the risk of chronic health conditions

When people suffer from joint pains, they might also suffer from other health conditions such as depression, mortality issues, diabetes, etc. With the aid of new techniques in joint surgery, the patients reduce the risk of these chronic health conditions.

3. Restore movement and activity

Joint surgeries are so effective that people get to do their daily activities and other movement activities such as biking, swimming, golf, etc. It creates new hopes for people and improves their quality of life after surgery.

4. Safe treatment

The new advancements in joint surgery 2022 have made the treatment safer than before. In some complex joint surgeries like hip replacement, there is a better level of postoperative function as compared to the traditional techniques.

What Causes Joint Problems?


The most common reason for joint problems is osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Though there are still no clear explanations about why arthritis occurs, the following are some causes that lead to joint problems:

  • Minor repetitive injuries

  • Severe trauma to the cartilage

  • Hereditary

  • Joint or cartilage problems

Above are the common reasons for joint problems but there are also some less common reasons such as cancer, osteoporosis, bone/joint infection, fibromyalgia, etc.

Total vs Partial Joint Replacement

There are two types of joint surgeries performed: Total Joint Replacement and partial.

In total joint replacement, the damaged cartilage is replaced entirely with a prosthesis wherein in partial joint replacement only the damaged portion of the joint is replaced. The new techniques of joint surgery have made both these surgeries highly successful. With the aid of robotic-assisted technology, these procedures are done with high accuracy and provide better results.

Partial joint surgery is less invasive as compared to total joint replacement. In younger patients, usually, partial surgery is performed as it requires less surgery and provides quick recovery. Youngsters who perform sports activities often suffer from joint injuries hence they need to get these surgeries to recover fast and get back to their sports activities.

When Is The Right Time for Joint Replacement?

If you are suffering from joint problems then you should speak with your orthopedic specialist regarding the best options. Sometimes the joint issues get treated with non-surgical methods and there is no need for surgery. There are many non-surgical treatments such as steroid injections, lubricants, pain killers, etc. that can eliminate the pain without surgery.

You must consider other options before going for a total joint replacement because some less extensive surgeries have many improved benefits and have a fast recovery time. You must understand that total joint replacement surgeries will bring a change to your lifestyle and you need to make some healthy changes to achieve maximum benefits.

Benefits of Outpatient Joint Surgery

Outpatient surgery which is also called ambulatory surgery provides you with the comfort of faster recovery, less cost, and shorter stay at the hospital, mostly the same day. If your doctor says you are a good candidate for outpatient joint surgery then you can get some improved benefits such as:

  • Less pain

  • Fewer transfusions

  • Lower infection risk

  • Better recovery at home

  • Fast and aggressive physical therapy


Joint surgeries are improving on a rapid scale and the benefits are getting improved with these advancements. Nowadays, it is getting easy for patients to get their joint problems treated without any extensive procedure or chronic pain. If you are facing joint issues, you should consult with your doctor and ask for all options.

The high success rates of these procedures are making joint surgeries a great option for joint problems. We hope this article improved your knowledge regarding the new techniques and joint surgery and its improved benefits. If you are about to get joint surgery, we wish you good luck with your treatment and hope for the best.

Dr Kundan K Jha

Dr. Kundan K Jha

MBBS - DNB Orthopaedic Surgery -  FIJR,  FIAS

Dr. Kundan Kumar Jha is a Sport Injury Specialist,Sports Medicine Surgeon and Joint Replacement Surgeon in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and has an experience of 7 years in these fields. Dr. Kundan Kumar Jha practices at Regenio Lakki Scope Orthopaedics in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. He completed MBBS from UCMS in 2015 and DNB - Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery from National Board of Examination, India in 2020.