Garlic Benefits

Foods to Help You Burn Extra Calories

Chuck out fancy diet pills, incredulous diet fads, and promising to trim your tummy flab contraptions  – Instead, find the way to weight loss nirvana and bliss by eating eight! Yes, we know you can’t believe your eyes but eating will help you lose weight and get those fabulous abs.

No, this is not a hoax and a trick! This is a special article for all those ladies who are on the constant never-ending circle of dieting and binge trips, struggling to lose those last 5 kilos or fitting into a top one size smaller bought at the fantabulous clearance sale. Your dieting woes are officially over and attempts at surviving on tiny nibbles and chai need to be ended.

wonder good foods which will help you burn extra calories


– This fat-buster is one important component for weight watcher’s meals and people battling with cholesterol levels. It contains a sulfur compound Allicin that reduced high cholesterol levels, cuts down unhealthy fats, and has an anti-bacterial effect. Use garlic-ginger paste to add flavor and aroma to your regular curries and dals. The lovely tingling flavor of garlic will definitely delight your taste buds as well as battle unhealthy fat deposits in the body.

Mustard Oil

– A staple of the traditional Bengali household, it is used to make that delectable baigun bhaja ( stir fried brinjal) and maccher jhol (sicy fish stew). This oil is considered to have low saturated fat in comparison with other cooking oils. Now, this one does give a heavy competition to the phirangi olive oil?

Mustard oil has fatty acid, erucic acid, oliec acid and contains the wholesome goodness of antioxidants, vitamins. It brings down cholestrol and does wonders for the heart.

How about trying out bengali recipes to jazz up your everyday meals? After all, mustard oil helps in cutting unwanted fats and flab!

Moong Dal –

If you think what this plain old, humble dal can do, then take a look – Monng dal sprouts are rich in Vitamin A,B,C,D,E and numerous minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. It is an amazing source of protein and fibre that helps in bringing down blood cholestrol levels. Its high fiber content helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Give a twist to the general moong dal recipe by using lehsun (garlic), a dash of ghee, garam masala, and tempered cumin. You can make vadis, dhokla, dosa out of this wonderful dal to enjoy a healthy, nutritious and delicious diet.

Chillies –

The Indian chili is a great source for increasing metabolic activity and its heat-generating property helps in burning extra fat in the body. Dice up chillies and spice up your regular curries or add it to your green salad while having paranthas or rice-based dishes.

Buttermilk –

This cooling Indian drink contains negligible fat and replenishes your body with essential nutrients. Add chat masala or powdered spices mixture for a tangy and fresh flavor to tingle your taste buds.

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